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Good morning, world! No pictures today, but I have about five outfits ready to show you all :) I just have to figure out what's eating my laptop so I can run photoshop again... or find the damn CD that it came on so I can run it from other computers.

I just wanted to take a brief moment to thank Zach Quinto for yet another pioneering sartorial moment: Layering mismatched waffe-knit thermal shirts under button-downs. It was soo cold this morning, and our dryer is broken, severely cramping my style, so all I could come up with to balance warmth and the Quinto factor was a blue version of this.

At least my take on this outfit is a little easier on the eyes XD *wipes away tears* Phew. That one's pretty awful.

And if you haven't seen the thread that image came from (Zachary Quinto Fashion Deathmatch on ontd_startrek ) go check it out immediately - it is probably one of the most epic threads you will ever see! Never fails to cheer me up when I'm in a pissy mood.

Going to try and get tickets for Perestroika now... *drools* Peace!

I'm back!

Hello again! It's been what... 2 weeks since my last post? And 3 weeks since the last outfit? For shame! I have a good excuse, though. My darling gf had taken the camera out for some Halloween fun, and taken the charger with her. The camera held its charge for a while, but... after the 8th it wouldn't take any more pictures :( and it has taken me this long to find it! (In addition my laptop suffered a minor stroke last week, but it seems to be recovering all right. Phew!)

Hope everybody had a fantastic Thanksgiving (or if you were one of the lucky ones who doesn't celebrate it, that you were out doing something fabulous :p) As usual, my holiday contained a criminal amount of food, lots of questionably sincere (but still nice!) hugs and kisses, and about 4 and a half hours of bloody Halo martyrdom at the hands of my lovely little brother. When I say little, I speak purely figuratively; he may be 3 years younger but he could quite easily eat me for breakfast :p Being a picture-worthy family occasion, I was required to find the camera charger yesterday... and I did, of course. Fortunately I managed to snap a couple of photos of a new outfit (from the waist up, anyway) before heading out the door:


what in blue blazers?!Collapse )

I have had some really great finds perusing thrift stores lately - they may need a little TLC when they get home, but there are a lot of stunning designer clothes at killer prices out there :D I recently heard of a thrift store in California that sells old wardrobe items from TV shows... oh god how I would love to get in there! 

All right my lovelies! :* that's all for today. Don't worry, I've got more thrift scores and (hopefully) hairdos to share with you next time! Stay classy :p

Writer's Block: Holiday Style Trends

Faux fur, scarves, cardigans, paperbag skirts… what are your favorite holiday style trends this year?

Man-scarves... warm and chic without making you look like Phil Collins or Dumbledore.

Also, hats - cozy knit beanies, felted old man hats (you know, the wedge-shaped ones) and garish pompoms are the best :3 Just don't wear one of those hideous bomber hats. Unless you are a high-school burnout or actually fly a bomber.

Threadless rocks!

Aww. Heroes meta t-shirt is cute. I want one.

Hipster!Sylar would so wear this. Oh, the irony! Maybe he'd kill West and raid his wardrobe. Or maybe he'd skidoo into the real world and closetjack ZQ for his all stars and tom's <3

Can't really justify paying 20 bucks for a black t-shirt when I don't even have any black socks, though. I'll wait for the cheapy cheap $5 tee sale they do around Christmas.


Hello again! I had a pretty simple outfit today. The coat is my gf's (amazing that it fits since she's so damn skinny!) and I discovered it when we were unpacking all our fall duds. The weather has already changed to freezing cold - we had hail and snow on Halloween D: But the upside is that I get to go crazy with layering and cozy knits and wear badass jackets everywhere!

I know it looks kind of douche-y, but I pop my jacket collar a) when it's cold out since the collar is designed to keep your neck warm and b) for photos because it's a quick and painless way to up the butch factor of an outfit. Otherwise, yeah. Down, boy.

Ready for FallCollapse )

Here's to a warm and well-dressed season! <3

zq wish list: item 1

Sasan: so sad...
Tori: Okay, you live with your parents... ?!
Sasan: I live in a "guest house"!!!
Tori:... which is attached... to your parents' house.
Sasan: I have my own entrance! And this isn't about me! Why are you so co-dependent and why are you so afraid of being alone?!

poor sas... he can't face the pain of his arrested-development lifeXD

this is the beginning of a long line of zq-related articles of clothing that, for whatever reason, are un-freaking-findable. i have SCOURED the internets for this damn sweater vest and i cannot find even a close cousin.

well, okay. maybe a retarded inbred cousin. and an equally un-findable jillion-dollar designer number.

leave it to zq to bring back an article of clothing that I always believed the domain of potbellied churchy men with gout... *cough* like my dad *cough* i guess with the right body and the right amount of 'tude you really can do anything. but still, i burn up with questions:

Does this thing really exist?
Was it some awful Christmas present rejected by the costume designer's GI Joe enthusiast nephew?
Is there a real word in the english language to take the place of "un-findable"!?

the world may never know. until then, let me leave you with some more lovely sweater vest action:

UNF soo hard. he's like "wait, don't go! you got me all hot and bothered!" don't worry bb! i got your back! and your shoulders, and your chest,
and all that other stuff >:D

Chandra: Damn, Gabriel, you look fine. How do you manage to cut such a fine figure in such dowdy duds?
Gabriel : (distantly) I stay indoors at all times. I have plastic slipcovers on all the furniture in my home. I take 4 showers a day.
Chandra: (horrified) Well, that's... rather nauseating. Uh, shouldn't you better be going? To shower perhaps?

may i have your attention please

i would like to take a moment to tell the world how much I adore my copy of the 2010 GQ style manual (available anywhere that sells GQ, including here.) It is amazing. it's basically a huge, glossy GQMF party post of an issue :p whether you're into celebrity dress-up like me, or just want to drool over the combined hotness of Chris Pine, Milo Ventimiglia, John Cho, and Zachary Quinto (not to mention Shia LeBeouf, Orlando Bloom, Dev Patel, and all the other '10 cover models for GQ) this is a must-have. it's colorful, sexy, ad-free and dripping with snarky macho advice.

now, i know most of you are probably still cleaning up the mess from your last bit of man-gazine news, but this thing literally covers men's fashion from top to bottom - hats, suits, ties, socks, shoes, bags - it's all there. they also dish out some great advice on how to care for your clothes, which is something i usually screw up and end up paying for later :( 

favorite quotes:

"Always go with a six-button double-breasted suit, never four." What about eight? Didn't think so. It kind of looks like Aragog donated his hide for this jacket. eewww...

"There's nothing cooler than a cat in a hat." Especially a fughat. There is a picture on this spread that literally includes fifty or sixty fughats. It's glorious :3

"The real reason you should be washing and ironing your own shirts is because they're your shirts." Hell yeah! So many guys (even in this progressive age) have yet to face the reality check of taking care of their own crap. GQ might be misogynistic and shallow, but this won some brownie points with me. Besides, who can afford to go to the cleaners nowadays?!

least favorite quotes: 

"high tops are for ballers and serious fashion junkies." ;__; but Zach said we could wear them every day... even to the club!?

"You should never have a bunch of torqued-up items competing with each other." Au contraire, biyatch! Variety is the spice of life!

"The peak lapel (tuxedo) - the most classic, the most elegant."
I actually think the peak lapel looks kind of mickey-mouse-ish. The notch lapel looks a lot more legit to me :) Maybe that's just because zq's wearing it, though...

For any fashion-forward fans or fan-vestites, I would definitely encourage you to get this handy crib sheet. if nothing else you can enjoy the massive amounts of well-dressed eye candy within! :D

slummin' it in the cold - zq style

sylar bedhead is brutal.

i went to a show last night in a zq-inspired suit and pompadour. sorry, no pictures, but rest assured i'll wear it again - it was very well-received. i was totally loving the big buoyant curls of the zq pomp... but when i woke up this morning my head looked like something out of invader zim! wtf hair, wtf.

also, it was freezing out, and i was late for work, so i did what all good new yorkers do and bundled the hell up.  i remembered the set photo from heroes that inspired this outfit and it made my bleak morning a little brighter :) 

warning: grunge bucket ahead.Collapse )

in da hood

there's something to be said for blatant acts of mimicry (and i suppose that's the whole purpose of this blog) especially when they lead us to better lifestyle choices. for example: seeing zq's loving, dedicated relationship with Noah led me to take better care of my own pooch (regular walks and hikes have been good for both of us!) and zach's commitment to working out and yoga has also encouraged me to head to the gym more often. now i know it's sad that that's what it took, but still - if it works, it works, right? i guess i think that hero worship can sometimes make us into the heroes we want to be :)

so you can imagine how happy i was to stumble up on this hoodie: www.americanapparel.com/rsastf497.html

it's so warm and cozy...:3Collapse )

plain old plaid

i don't know what started zq's love affair with wacky plaid shirts but i have had the worst luck finding copycat ones :( judging by the complexity of the one that inspired this outfit i'd guess it's some schmancy designer number (oh the things you can wear with a star's salary!) way out of my price range. but plaid is plaid, right? i guess it's remarkable how much zq sticks to jeans and american apparel when he would b well within his rights to dress like a millionaire :P

this is hardly an outfit...oh, well.Collapse )