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slummin' it in the cold - zq style

sylar bedhead is brutal.

i went to a show last night in a zq-inspired suit and pompadour. sorry, no pictures, but rest assured i'll wear it again - it was very well-received. i was totally loving the big buoyant curls of the zq pomp... but when i woke up this morning my head looked like something out of invader zim! wtf hair, wtf.

also, it was freezing out, and i was late for work, so i did what all good new yorkers do and bundled the hell up.  i remembered the set photo from heroes that inspired this outfit and it made my bleak morning a little brighter :) 

(trust me you do not want to see what my face looked like D:)

hoodies: american apparel, matix - thrifted
scarf: handmade - thrifted
beanie: hot topic

inspired by this photo: