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zq wish list: item 1

Sasan: so sad...
Tori: Okay, you live with your parents... ?!
Sasan: I live in a "guest house"!!!
Tori:... which is attached... to your parents' house.
Sasan: I have my own entrance! And this isn't about me! Why are you so co-dependent and why are you so afraid of being alone?!

poor sas... he can't face the pain of his arrested-development lifeXD

this is the beginning of a long line of zq-related articles of clothing that, for whatever reason, are un-freaking-findable. i have SCOURED the internets for this damn sweater vest and i cannot find even a close cousin.

well, okay. maybe a retarded inbred cousin. and an equally un-findable jillion-dollar designer number.

leave it to zq to bring back an article of clothing that I always believed the domain of potbellied churchy men with gout... *cough* like my dad *cough* i guess with the right body and the right amount of 'tude you really can do anything. but still, i burn up with questions:

Does this thing really exist?
Was it some awful Christmas present rejected by the costume designer's GI Joe enthusiast nephew?
Is there a real word in the english language to take the place of "un-findable"!?

the world may never know. until then, let me leave you with some more lovely sweater vest action:

UNF soo hard. he's like "wait, don't go! you got me all hot and bothered!" don't worry bb! i got your back! and your shoulders, and your chest,
and all that other stuff >:D

Chandra: Damn, Gabriel, you look fine. How do you manage to cut such a fine figure in such dowdy duds?
Gabriel : (distantly) I stay indoors at all times. I have plastic slipcovers on all the furniture in my home. I take 4 showers a day.
Chandra: (horrified) Well, that's... rather nauseating. Uh, shouldn't you better be going? To shower perhaps?