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steppin' out

this outfit was a big hit at the club :3 it was fun because of the layers- that sweater did  a fine job of downplaying my ta-ta's until it was too hot! i also got yanked around by the tie a few times- when it comes down to it we girls are all about power, aren't we? >:P

i love how zq plays with formal wear - he often rocks a tie with jeans and converse or a t-shirt and suit. and of course i am in love with the silly picture that inspired this outfit- i think it was my wallpaper for like 6 months back when i first started watching heroes. <3

party time :PCollapse )

don't Sas me

aww, I absolutely love sasan... he is like a perfect fruit smoothie of cute facial expressions, bitchy witty retorts, smart style and biting humor. after watching heroes s1 zq had made me shiver with sylar's creepiness and made my stomach go sour with gabriel's awkward depravity... i had no idea he could make me giggle and squeal like a 12-year-old, too! i actually think sasan was a very underdeveloped character (ok, so the show itself was shallow and underdeveloped. whatevs) and am happily churning out fanfic exploring all the dark corners of his walk-in closet. :p

my parents are iranian. trust me, it's worth forgoing the occassional prada flip-flop to avoid being chained to bricks and thrown into the pool.Collapse )



i found a fabulous pair of red cords last week. they fit great, are very kind to my ass, and give off a distinctly zq vibe. yet something is not right. I fear this ensemble is reminiscent of those terrible white-ribbed pants from the GQ shoot... altogether too much.

this outfit is off the... cord?Collapse )

halloween "costume"

happy halloween everyone! i didn't get a chance to dress up this year - i scored some tickets to the merchants of bollywood and couldn't turn them down. what person in their right mind would pass up a chance to see a bunch of scantily-clad indian men (and ladies) cavorting, grinning and swishing their lovely hair around?

so instead of a costume, i used photoshop.

hello, mohinder.Collapse )

welcome :3

all right! first post. it took some guts to make this journal - i'm more than a little self-conscious, but on the off chance that there is some other zq style guru out there waiting for a sartorial soulmate, i want to share the love.

i've been a fan of zachary quinto since i first laid eyes on him in season 1 of heroes. as i looked back on his other roles (few and far between though they were) i couldn't help but notice the incredible uniqueness of his wardrobe. i love how he challenges the way i've always thought about fashion, especially when it comes to gender boundaries. he is a master at flaunting his sensuality without being obnoxious about his sexuality ;)

being something of a butch dyke i have always preferred to dress more like a guy, but i think that zq's style works precisely because he's always tweaking masculine stereotypes. either way, he has taken some pretty brilliant fashion risks and I <3 him for it.

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